e-Audit is a screening system that enables the kept e-Ledgers to; 

  • Be checked about their suitability to standards and
  • Accuracy, 
  • Make searches within and reconsider,
  • Create combined PDF and specialize the report criteria, 
  • Check the suitability for supervision.


  • It enables the ledgers that are kept in the electronic environment to be examined by the eyes of a financial supervisor. 
  • It eliminates the possible accounting mistakes in the e-Ledger. 
  • Data of the e-Ledger can be accessed easily and without the limitation of page numbers.
  • It creates savings on the workforce and efficiency.
  • It reduces paper consumption and carbon footprint; is sensitive towards environmental issues. 
  • All ledgers that are previously created and placed in the archive server can be screened. 
  • It controls the report files that are created and put in the general journal and general ledger's compatibility according to the technical content and standards specified by Revenue Administration.  
  • It is suitable to make searches in the whole e-Ledger. 
  • It can make total analyses on the ledgers and check their suitability to supervision. 
  • It creates dynamic supervision reports by personalizing report criteria. 
  • It makes the filing and file structure suitable for GIB standards. 
  • It enables the opportunity to create PDF and united PDF from the ledgers without the limitation of data size. 

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