e-Backup is the system that enables for any kind of electronic document to be kept in the electronik environment 


  • under the legal security guarantee for long years without the risk of; 
  • getting lost
  • being changed
  • being erased.


  • It provides storage security; there is no risk of getting lost or being damaged. 
  • It provides savings in workforce and efficiency. 
  • Content of documents never get changed; it is secure. 
  • Data from e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive Invoicing and e-Ticket are kept on ISIS web portal in security. 
  • Old term documents can be reached any time you want. 
  • It keeps the e-Invoice and e-Ledger data that are to be kept under legal obligation, suitable for GIB standards.  
  • It archives safely the e-Documents that are kept in a different integrator or portal.

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