e-Reconciliation is the service that provides the service to balance the assets and liability statement between institutions and companies on the electronic environment. 

  • Provides savings in workforce and efficiency.
  • Eliminates human error. 
  • Agreements are made on the electronic environment, easily.
  • It reduces paper consumption and carbon footprint; is sensitive towards environmental issues. 
  • It provide easy archiving process. 
  • It enables supervision process by setting a cross check mechanism. 
  • In case of the lack of Reconciliation, necessary information will be transferred to the other party online, the company contributes to the agreement process online. 
  • It records the whole process from the e-mail traffic between the companies to the Reconciliation and enables the communication between companies to be efficient.  
  • It is compatible with all accounting programs.
  • It can be used together with Excel data.
  • There is no limit for user and Reconciliation mail numbers. 
  • It enables the receipt to be shared online. 
  • Reconciliation texts are signed with electronic signature and this way becomes official. 

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