Registered e-Mail (REM) is the electronic mail service where the identities of the sender and the receiver are definite, time and content of the message cannot be changed and has legal validity in cases of dispute. 

In REM system, following evidence is created and kept for 20 years: 

  • Sending time, 
  • Identities of the sender and the receiver, 
  • Delivery time
  • Reading time
  • Content integrity

REM transfers many messages of very diverse content such as; 

  • Caveats,
  • Denunciations,
  • Applications,
  • Petitions,
  • Correspondances between commercial parties,
  • Bidding, 
  • Proposals, 
  • Sharing of agreement documents,
  • Declarations of companies, 
  • Invoices,
  • Receipts, 
  • Instructions
  • and calls for meeting of joint-stock companies,

that are done in the electronic environment to the other party in a safe an fast way. 

Identities of the sender and the receiver are validated irrefutably. 


It gives delivery and being read guarantee.


It guarantees that the content of the message is unchanged.


It is legally valid and has the quality of hard evidence. 


It reduces costs like posting, archiving and cargo. 


It saves time.

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